Membership Fees and General Costs

Category Price incl GST
Membership Fee Adult Pistol $671.00
Membership Adult Associate Pistol $566.00
Membership Fee Adult Rifle $566.00
Membership Fee Aged Pensioner Pistol $485.00
Membership Fee Aged Pensioner Rifle $378.00
Membership Fee Junior Pistol $340.00
Membership Junior Pistol Associate $290.00
Membership Fee Junior Rifle $280.00
Membership Fee Spouse Pistol $485.00
Membership Spouse Associate Pistol $378.00
Membership Fee Spouse Rifle $378.00
Membership Fee sub-Junior Pistol $200.00
Membership sub-Junior Pistol Associate $150.00
Membership Fee sub-Junior Rifle $150.00
Membership Fee – non shooting parent $50.00
Membership Fee Junior Concessional Pistol $200.00
Membership Junior Pistol Concessional Associate $150.00
Membership Fee Junior Concessional Rifle $150.00
Membership Admin and Firearm Safety Course Fee (only for new members) $140.00
Junior = Member under 21 years of age as of 1 May 2020
Sub-Junior = Member under 16 years of age as of 1 May 2020
Junior Concessional member = member under 21 as of 1 May 2020 who is a full time student
(must produce student card)
Associate members are pistol members who are primary members of another club with
VAPA membership paid by that club.
Aged Pensioner member – must produce an aged Pensioner card issued by the Federal Government

The membership year commences on 1 May, and is valid until 30 April of the following year.

New members who join between 1 May 2020 and 30 April 2021 are offered a pro-rata membership fee from the commencement of the next calendar month.

Annual fees may be paid by BPay, EFT, credit card or cheque.

There are no daily range fees as these are covered by your membership fee.

Other General Costs for Shooting

Costs for targets and ammunition for 50 shots start from around $2 for air pistol; $5 for .22 cal and $15 for .38 cal. Handguns start at around $800 for a good quality used .22 or .38 handgun, and rifles for around $1000 but you can spend a lot more.