Purchasing a Handgun

You cannot purchase a handgun on a provisional licence.

While on your provisional licence you will be allowed to use the various club pistols to complete your required number of shoots and to familiarise yourself with different types of pistols. When you have acquired your full licence the club will assist you with advice on purchasing your first handgun.

Once being a fully liciensed member. You are eligible to apply to purchase a handgun.   In your first 6 months of being a Fully licensed member, you are only able to purchase an air pistol or a .22 rimfire pistol. You must fill in a Purchase to Acquire (PTA) form, and it must be signed off by an authorised club representative. For your first pistol there will be an approximate wait of 30 days for your PTA permit from Licencing Regulation Division (LRD). Once obtained, you are able to go to your nominated dealer to purchase your first handgun (air pistol or .22)

As policy and procedures change from time to time for purchasing a handgun, it is suggested that you visit the LRD website at Victoria Police for the latest information.  To get further information on what you can purchase and how, it is best that you contact a Victoria Police representative from LRD on the following phone number 1300 651 645

An LRD representative should be able to answer all your queries in purchasing a handgun. Alternatively, you can contact LRD by emailing them at the following email address: licensingregulation@police.vic.gov.au